The Finest Brands BV is new distributor Slide-Kick

The market is constantly changing, also at Innotwins.

We would like to inform you that we have transferred the sale of the Slide-Kick to a distributor as of today.
We ourselves are mainly concerned with developing new products.

For new purchase orders from the Slide-Kick, but also for other products, you can contact:

The Finest Brands B.V.
t.a.v. Sander Schuiten
Stephensonstraat 4A
2014KD Haarlem
0031 (0)23 760 23 71

The Slide-Kick in the news!

Special offer!
Innotwins reduces the gross retail price of the Slide-Kick. Instead of €19,95, the Slide-Kick is available for a gross retail price of €11,95 (excl. VAT), in March, April and May 2017.

The Slide-Kick in Canadian Woodworking
The Canadese website Canadian Woodworking Home Improvement has posted an article about the Slide-Kick. Click here for the article.

Slide-Kick in the Aannemer and ZZP'er in de Bouw
De Aannemer of January 2016 and ZZP'er in de Bouw of February 2016 have published an interview with Bas Mooij about the Slide-Kick.

Slide-Kick in the Schildersvakkrant
The 'SchildersVakkrant' has published an artikel about working safely with the Slide-Kick in the edition of November 20, 2015.

Slide-Kick in Groenhart advertising brochure
The Groenhart Company has mentioned the Slide-Kick as a handy hook for use in combination with Festool tools, in the last edition of the advertising brochure of november/december on page 9 .

Slide-Kick op
www.vgprofessional pays attention to Slide-Kick. Click here for the full artikel.

Verloting Slide-Kick in Goed Bezig van Arbouw
Arbouw raffles ten Slide-Kicks among the readers of the magazine 'Goed Bezig'. Go to and win out multifunctional hook!

Bericht geplaatst: zondag 14 juni 2015

Arbouw film over Slide-Kick
Arbouw pays attention to the Slide-Kick in the movie below.

Bericht geplaatst: zondag 14 juni 2015

Slide-Kick on
The website for working safe and healthy has included the Slide-Kick in her files.

Festool useres in the USA discover the Slide-Kick!
The Slide-Kick is now viewed worldwide by Festool Users on!

Schager Courant - Wednesday December 3, 2014

Text: Harry de Jong | Photo John Oud

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