The Slide-Kick: an invention by Innotwins BV
Innotwins BV was founded in 2014 by Bas Mooij (1971) and Patrick Bergman (1974). The purpose of Innotwins BV is to invent, develop and improve processes and products for the benefit of equipment and/or processes and systems for the construction industry, manufacturing industry and the retail market, as well as the production of and introduction to the market and sale of these products.Innotwins BV invents and develops solutions that make your life a little easier. Inventors for your convenience!

The first product by Innotwins BV is the Slide-Kick, a multifunctional universal hook that promotes safe and efficient work.The Slide-Kick is awaiting patent approval.For questions regarding the Slide-Kick, please call Bas Mooij: (+31) 06 26 54 68 05.

Watch the video and see how the Slide-Kick can be used.

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