De Slide-Kick is very versatile!

What is your practical application of the Slide-Kick? Send your idea, preferably with a photo, to When approved, the entries will be placed on the website. Click here for customer applications.

Use the Slide-Kick for machines on dust extraction
Angle grinder
Plunge saw

- Power planer
- Plunge router
- Sander

Milling with the Slide-Kick

Sanding with the Slide-Kick

Use the Slide-Kick with air pressure tools:

- Nail gun
- Stapler
- Wrench
- Sealant gun

Use the Slide-Kick with garden tools

Lawn mower Hedge trimmer

- Grass trimmer
- Chainsaw
- Leaf blower

Use the Slide-Kick as hook for carrying tools and materials:
Pneumatic nail gun Saw
Screw gun/drill Sealant gun

Slide-Kick user submissions

As the owner of Schuit-Schilderwerken from Noord-Scharwoude I'm very happy with the Slide-Kick. Hoses regulary stuck behind my ladder or clothes. In order to obiate this I used my free hand. Working with the Slide-Kick I can support myself better. Because the hose and cord now depend less on the machine, it costs me less power, which is particularly helpful for larger sanding jobs. It works faster and better!
Omdat de slang en het snoer nu ook minder aan de machine hangen kost het me ook minder kracht en dat is vooral bij grotere schuurklussen erg prettig. Het werkt sneller en vooral prettig!

Submitted by Cor Schuit


Roofer Fred de Heer, working a lot for Zuidplas roofing, invents a new application for the Slide-Kick. When working with the screw gun on large flat roofs, you can easily pull  the cable along, so it's no longer hanging in the way of your work.

Submitted by F. de Heer

Mowing ditch banks

I use the Slide-Kick for mowing the ditch bank.

Submitted by R. Warmenhoven

Horse clipping
The Slide-Kick is incredibly useful when clipping horses.

Submitted by M. Slothouwer

Lawn mowing
Use the Slide-Kick for mowing the lawn.

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