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Do you recognize this?
You're working with a power saw or hedge trimmer, cutter or sander, but progress falters. The hose or cord gets caught behind your project, the work bench or a ruler. You trip over the cables and hoses on the floor. You need to use all kinds of tricks to use one hand or your body to guide the hose or the cord. In short: suction hoses and cables are in the way and limit your freedom of movement. The risks of tripping, injuries and time and material loss due to inefficient work and becoming discouraged are significant.

The ideal situation... no more problems with hoses and cables!
Innotwins BV has the solution for your problem: the Slide-Kick! The Slide-Kick is a multifunctional universal hook that promotes safe and efficient working:

  1. Use the Slide-Kick to safely guide electrical cords, suction, air, gas and garden hoses around the body.
  2. Clamp cables in the Slide-Kick to allow for safe and efficient working with various power tools.
  3. Use the Slide-Kick as a hook for carrying tools and accessories close to the body, leaving the hands free.

Due to a hose and/or cable being free to move along with you, you will experience an increased freedom of movement when processing materials. At waist level, no hindrance is encountered from the Slide-Kick and guiding it. By making use of the Slide-Kick, you are decreasing the chances of personal injury and damage to the material, while increasing your freedom of movement. The result is less time and material loss.Slide-Kick is awaiting patent approval.

Optimal safety, efficiency and freedom of movement!

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